Max Bergström

Kim Bjurling

Jimmy Rosén

Jimmy Rosén is the founder of WordPress development bureau Angry Creative. Jimmy is a long-time Open Source advocate who loves business models, technology and gadgets. Jimmy is an active member of the Swedish WordPress community, having arranged multiple community events.

You can know more about him on Facebook or check out the Company twitter Twitter.

Jimmy arbetar på Angry Creative, en WordPress webbyrå i Stockholm. Där arbetar jimmy med WordPress  som publiceringssystem (CMS) och WooCommerce som e-handels system.

Andreas Ek

Andreas Ek is the founder of Flowcom, an up-and-coming IT consulting company based in Sweden. Flowcom specializes in web production automation based on open source solutions such as WordPress. Andreas is the company’s systems architect. His passion is automation and he has experience from building administrative web solutions for various industries, including education, publishing, and government.